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my planned build up


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so i got some free time at work one night and looked for all the parts for my d16z6 turbo build up. any additions, omitions, or feedback would be awesome


port and polished head


skunk2 IM, TB

Custom exhaust

RC 440 feul injectors

home-made turbo kit

Tuner Toys rods

Vitara pistons

Hondata ECU

NGK wires


now im really strapped for cash, but hopefully ill have the port and polished head with intake done by christmas.

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Do not buy anything turbo oriented from Ebay.


You'll hate yourself bad if you do.

lol, i dont think ive ever looked for a carpart on ebay, but what kind of turbo and turbo manifold should i look for? and what do i do about piping things like the intake. i cant weld or bend aluminum pipe. the turbo prolly wont go in for at least a year, so i have some time to plan it all out.

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Get a T3/T04E like the ones in Rev Hard kits (so cliche I know). Also get rid of the valvetrain components and get rods and pistons instead. Then you can boost around 18lbs daily and push a lot more horsepower.


For the exhaust, buy a 3" piping kit from kteller.com, get a 24", 3" magnaflow resonator, and a vibrant 3" flat black muffler. Have it all welded up at a muffler shop. Will be cheaper than the greddy, more power and probably sound better with the turbo setup.


Ditch the AEM Fuel Filter....waste of 100 bones. Also ditch the accel injector's and get DSM or RC's.


If you can find a good tuner that uses it, chip and tune with crome....otherwise use whatever your tuner is familiar with.


Anyway, that's just my suggestion and it will probably cost less than your current setup. Plus you'd probably be hitting 300whp or better.

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