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So, what about the introduction of a reviews section for specific products, vendors, etc? Everything would have to be from the actual experience of HF users.


Example of how this could go down, from my own experience:


Product: Password JDM carbon fiber shorty intake


Where I bought it: Password JDM website


Cost: $217 shipped


Fitment: B and D series engines


Specific Application: stock D15B7 plus DC 4-1 header with stock exhaust


Pros: Noticeable (but slight) power increase, excellent tone, looks great in the engine bay, very reasonable price


Cons: Makes everything a bit too loud for my taste


Overall: Liked it when I had it, sold it, probably will end up buying another one when I do another build on my new sol. Compares very favorably to all other intakes I've had (short rams and cold air with standard piping and AEM filters).


Recommended: Yes


I think that would be a great addition to the forum, and would probably cut down on the number of requests for info on "what the best intake/header/exhaust is" and whatnot. We could break it into sections like: exhausts, engine components, intakes, body kits, merchants, etc... And to keep the stuff easy to sift through we could just move all reviews for the same product and application (ie all the civics running Apexi exhausts) into the same thread, so people could easily read all the different viewpoints. What do ya'll think?

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Well we could just start a thread in the engine tuning section and plead to get it stickied. Much easier and we wouldn't have to pull Drew away from Taco Bell just to make a new section.

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Good suggestion. I'll mention it in the mod's forum, but it would have to be up to Drew... and he's MIA even though we have some work for him to do lol.

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