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Going to Chicago


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So in a somewhat spontaneous move...a couple buddies and i had decided to head out to Chicago for the weekend and catch USC-ND game in South Bend. So other than the game...what is there to do out in Chicago? Other than pizza and hot dogs...lol.

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What part of Chicago? theres plenty to do, theres a huge arcade & bar called Gameworks, plenty of bars and clubs, give me an address of where your going to be around and i can figure something out for you guys, im usually down there twice a month

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Well guys...I'm back from Chicago.


Sorry I've been MIA for like the whole month of October...but work has really bogged me down...which I guess I don't have to worry much about for now since I'm on extended leave. You see not only did I go to Chicago to watch my beloved Trojans dominate ND for another year...I managed to break my leg too. Yup...broke my fibula in two parts. Not clean breaks, but ehhh might as well be. So I'm a gimp for pretty much the whole month of November!


Anyhow, Chicago was awesome. Stayed at the W, 1 block from the Sears Tower. I think I had enough pizza to last me for the year...sorry Mark, no pics of the pizza. I forgot.


Get use to me being around a bit more than usual...gotta fill my days with something! =)



^^^ Last time ND went scoreless against SC? 70 years ago. BEAT THE IRISH!!!^^^

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I unceremoniously fell down the stairs...lol. That last step is a doozy apparently... :crazy:



HAHAHA, that friggin movie is annoying lol.


It's good that you're okay though, well you will be when you're not limping around :p

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