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Hey guys, some new pics - Brides delivered


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i havent been around lately, have had a crapttt ton to do. couple updates on the ride.



added wrx sideskirts finally

s203 interior trim pieces

Razo Shift knob



and either this weekend or next weekend im trading a 06 wrx owner for his interior. its the black/grey scheme, and then im going to sell the front wrx seats and buy sparco torinos in the black and grey :D


also entered a car show sunday, won 3rd place. it was whack though b/c a stupid legacy wagon got 2nd over me and had NOTHING done to it. frackin retards.



ill post more pics soon.




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wingless is hot. for a sec i thought you had some time attacks on it. i like it, i vote more pics.



thanks nancy. lol, yeah i was cheap and just time attacked my stockers till i can get some cash to buy real time attacks.


hung - thanks, im actually really happy that i went wingless. i like it so much better now. i can partially thank you for that for always telling me to lol.


busted - whats up man, always keepin my threads entertained. hows the whip ?

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something that makes the engine lopier than all hell and enough headwork to rev said engine to about 7400 rpm.


already has it. just on break in period LOL.

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wont your blue carpet look weird with the black/grey wrx stuff. id keep the sti interior



nah, im getting rid of the carpet too. luckily some guy right now is just selling the carpet that im going to buy. either way, id buy new carpet, i wouldnt keep the blue in, that would look retarded haha. i dont want the STi interior anymore...i need better seats. and a change.



busted - cams ftw. my car kinda sounds like it has cams because of my big ass injectors hahaha

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what on that engine still needs broken in?


A brand new set of heads and a monstrosity of a cam.


Kegger hit the nail on the head. These aren't factory heads lol. Guy @ the shop just said go easy on it, probably wouldn't hurt TOO bad to romp into it but by no means lead-foot it everywhere you go.


No more threadjacking for me.


Lol @ camS.

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thanks man, your teg looks pretty sweet from your sig.


i just ordered a JDM front lip from a guy on nasioc...170 SHIPPED when its about a 400 dollar lip itself...go me :D


heres a pic of it (exact lip im getting)




some guy from TN is driving down to NY next sunday to meet up with me to swap interiors, guess he really wants STi seats!


the pics are crapty since he took them with his cell, but you get the idea. then im replacing those two front seats with Sparco Torino's.





ill probably end up getting the doorcards re-upholstered, i like black doorcards better.

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ahhh thank you sir. adding some APR Carbon Fiber Canards to it too. also a little change in interior.


swapping the back seat, carpet, and door cards with another guy (same as pictured) and keeping my stock front seats. selling the front seats, and buying a pair of Bride zeta III's from a guy on nasioc.

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