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Fast Evo? Anyone?


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lol @ the ams evo being so damn much faster it's not funny.


You know you're fast when crap flies off your car.


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CFT makes some fast crap. lmao.


10.2 Civic Si..10.9 Mustang with no wheelie bars(dude's afraid to launch so he literally BABIES it off the line), that badass Evo.


They worked on a b16 hatch that was supposed to be runnin ' 11.2 after all was said in done, in a '93 Civic hatch.

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I just like the fact that the AMS Evo was first used for multiple types of racing, but now they decided to just stick it to drag racing. But that thing used to be vicious around the track, not just down it.



I love that video, just because they drive it to the f*cking track. CFT is awesome, but in terms of Evo's, I think AMS takes it. Although both AMS and CFT have 1000bhp Evo's.

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i have an evo what should i do to it? should i put anything on the engine like and new air intake system or what?


I'm not bashing you because you have a different car on this forum..I've had two things other than Honda here recently..


But I am going to bash you for joining a site and not even so much as making an introductory post, and coming into a general discussion thread and sparking your own question.


Go to the introduction forum. Make inaugural post. Ask questions.

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