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Powersteering pulley squeaks.


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We might have to agree to disagree, but belts squeak and pulley do not.


The pulley will either rattle or grind, but there is nothing on or in the pulley that has a polymerized surface of sufficient area to give a good squeak.


You didn't answer my apparently ambiguously posed question of how many miles you have on it, where it refers to the belt. Unless you're trying to say the belt has never been changed and has 70,000 miles on it.


Keep in mind that centrifugal acceleration will draw anything you have sprayed on the center of the pulley out onto the belt as the pulley spins.


Also remember that organic solvents or mixtures of organic solvents (such as Water Displacement Formula 40 a/k/a WD-40) will be absorbed into organic based polymers, such as your power steering belt.


The rubber on the belt is probably either glazed or dry; the WD-40 softened it for little while until it dried out again. This process is likely the reason the WD-40 appeared to have worked for a little while.


I would change the belt unless it is new, which is why I asked the question, "how many miles are on it?"


By the way, if you "grease it up", you will accomplish two things: 1) you will spray grease all over your other accesory belts and make a mess of your engine bay 2) the belt will slip even more than it is now although you will likely not hear anything since the grease will mask the sound.





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hey i always put it in right, whoever told you otherwise she's a blasphemous whore! and the belt isnt loose, kinda hard to have a loose belt when soneone is using a 3 foot pry bar to keep tension while u tighten the bolt

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i had the same problem like 2 weeks ago my ac compressor barring is bad so i have to get a new compressor but you can eliminate the noise by cutting the belt (make sure you cut the right one) and DONT TURN ON UR AC until you get it fixed

BTW it wasnt a sqeaking noise more like something wus loose but still fixed the noise by cutting the belt

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Yeah, Same belt runs my alternator too. I kinda need that.



oh i duno how your car is setup but the belt that my MECHANIC cut not me was for the AC compressor ONLY nothing else and he just told me to never turn on the ac until i get new compressor so ya dont just do it urself goodluck with that though

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