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Things i plan to get for my build b18b1 non vtec


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This is the things iam planing on getting


B18B1 Block Stock

B18B1 Head Stock

B18B1 harnes OBD2 Stock harnes

B18B1 5 speed ECU Stock

B16 Transmission Stock

B18B1 axels and shift linkage or i dont know if i can use the d15Z1 let me know if its posible or not

B18B1 Intake manifold Stock


ok thats what i plan on getting to build me a motor but iam not sure if thats any good at all so let me know what u think or what part i should get instead all i know its i want to get rid of my d15z1 motor and i have also heard it would be nice to get the b20 head on the b18b1 block is this truth? and would it make any difference to change the b18b1 pistongs and crankshaft from the b18b1 block to another pistongs or crankshaft like the ones from the b16 or b20 or h22? or should it be better to leave the b18b1 pistongs and rods and crankshaft let me know if its better to change them or leave the same ones that come with that block. And also iam planing on boosting this mottor so let me know.

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Better setup for boost.


B18 block bored and sleeved at 84 mm

OEM Crank

Eagle Rods, Arias 9.5:1 CR pistons

ARP for all bolts and studs

OBD1 B16 head, with whatever valvetrain you want

Skunk2 IM and TB

YS1 tranny with OBX LSD

Hasport axles and mounts.

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