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Del Sol Driva

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So Last night at about around 9:45 P.M i was bored so i was like what the hell i am going to go watch the races in Revere. So i pull up to a red light and i hear a car that is mad F**king loud i am like what is that.(1993 Acura Integra LS) but i could tell it was not a nice car because it sounded like crap. So he pulls up and looks at me and revs his engine and i look at him and i start to laugh i am sayin in my head this car is a piece of crap(and it was) so the light turns green and he takes off spining his wheels and then i am liek ok then so i put the gas down in first gear then i put in into second gear and i fly by him and then i look back and then the car looks like it died down so then he pulled up at the light and i was liek so what happen back thier he is liek o i had it in second gear and i went to go shift and i put it in fifth gear instead of third... SO i start to laugh and i was liek learn to drive stick b4 you try to show off in the street..... hhahahahahahaha lol

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