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They talk too much, but a nice burnout.

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Ben stalks alot of people, it's the only reason he has a g/f. She started dating him so he'd quit following her everywhere.


Sure, sugartits.


If you honestly believe that, you MUST know why I talk such noise in IM's.


(I'm as straight as a twelvepenny nail and I DO not stalk people. Sorry to disappoint.)

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that was a lame burnout in my opinion. they had to go in reverse first in order to get some smoke.


with my civic, all i had to do was just sit there, rev up, pop the clutch and keep the rpms around 5 grand, i could rev up to 7 then back down to 5 then back up again and my car would barely inch forward.


its a nice si though, ill give them that.

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