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An Odd Night.


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Left to go to Wendy's. Was like 12 cars waiting in line, then some bum comes up asking for money. Finally get our food, then on the way home I'm next to an Accord and start f*cking with him but he doesn't do anything. Then once he gets in front of me he takes off, so I blow by him doing like 90 then slow down. Then he just takes off from the light and i'm stuck behind a car. He barely pulled on me and had a decent run but oh well. Took the bypass back home and topped my car out ROFL. (115mph at 7200rpm in D3) Then I hit rev limiter under the bridge because my buddy Mike just told me to hit it. Nothing went wrong. *knock on wood* but I figured i'm taking 2 minutes of your life when you read this. :D

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The hell is a codger?


I wouldn't expect you to know, young buck.




And kudos on getting my modifications ass backward.


Single cam. Two heads.

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