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5th Gen Accord USDM: Heated Mirrors (a/k/a CDM Mirrors)

James Matteu

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I want to have this switch do something other than look good.




Note: these instructions are not intended for Accords with folding mirrors already installed since the switch sits in the same place the fold switch does. See "Other: Folding Mirrors Contingency Plan", below.




Connection 638 (C638) from a 1st Gen Acura CL



Power Mirror Switch from either an 1st Gen Acura CL or a 5th Gen Honda Accord (Canadian or European)

Acura P/N

Canadian Honda P/N

European Honda P/N





Obtain C638 from a 1st Gen Acura CL. It will come with same plug that runs your OEM remotely controlled mirror, with pins moved around and two extras. One of the extras gets connected to the YEL/BLK wire going to the Power Mirror Switch, the other needs to be connected to G401 (Left) or G402 (Right). It doesn't matter which goes to the YEL/BLK and which goes to ground since the Mirror Defogger is a simple resistor.




Reasons for adding Heated Mirrors:

The humid Florida air covers my exterior mirrors with dew every morning. If I wipe them with my hand, I get finger prints all over the mirror. If I use paper, I cake the mirror with paper fibers. If I use cloth, I almost always have to reposition the mirror, not to mention get out of the car to wipe the passenger side. Then, add insult to aggravation, they fog back up by the time I get to the end of the street.


Folding Mirrors Contingency Plan:

A relay for the Mirror Defogger could be wired in series with the Window Defogger Timer by grounding the Window Defogger Timer through an additional relay for the Mirror Defogger. This additional Mirror Defogger Relay could be used to switch 12V at 7.5A to the Mirror Defogger as long as the Window Defogger is on.

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I need someone to let me know if they know for sure if the 1G Acura CL and 5G Honda Accord have the same size mirror.


Dude sorry, but I not sure with the V6. I do know that many many many parts are interchangable between the 4Cyl and the 1G CL's. A.k.a., you can pay the extra money for an Acura radiator, or get the one for a 94-97 Accord. Same part number on the radiator, both come in a Honda box, one just costs about 75 more because of the name. Honestly, I would just take your mirror off and go to a salvage yard, let them know that you are taking your part in for comparison, and see for yourself if those parts will interchange. It would not supprise me if they did.

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BTW, while you are converting your Accord into an Accord CL, if you have not all ready, you should check out the CL headlights and see if you like them better. If so get a set.

I actually like my headlights. I don't even like the blacked out JDM deals. I have a few non-CL upgrades in the works (a car alarm, new tail lights, and another fog light in addition to the two I have in the front). I am running out of places for switches.


I remember on my father's 1983 Civic 5-door 1300 CVCC, the hazard switch was on the top of the steering column, it was a tab that you slid to the side. This may be my next mod, to free up the space that my Hazard switch now occupies. Also, I would like to move my Fog Light Switch to the combination switch on the same stalk as the headlights. New Pilots do this and I have driven a 240SX with this as well. I just haven't figured out how those two things will translate into my car.

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So how much of that CL is left? lol

Not much. Someone was real sloppy before I got there. Anything broken, I slid under the car. Anything that I removed (without breaking of course) I set on the back seat. FYI, those leather rear seats are in mint condition, but I don't like the way they look. They do feel cushier.


As far as seats go, I have my eye on a beige 96 EX with leather, the leather is in better condition than mine and I was quoted $60 for the rear. I have to double check the front, but I think they are wearing in the same spot as mine and it makes no sense to replace the rear and then buy a full kit (that would include the rear) to re-upholster the fronts.

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