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Do you guys believe


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Crazy crap. Got me in the mood to be scared. Good find. Repsol is over here, scared out of his mind.:thumbsup: He's crapting with the door open.


Lol My girl didnt want to walk to the kitchen alone. I watched atleast 3-5 hrs of Ghost hunters. Great show.


Here are the shows I watched Ghost Hunters.

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i beleive in such things but the video didn't scare me- in fact, most of it looked pretty fake.


My fiancee, Chris, has been a firefighter for nearly 7 years and he swears without a doubt that there are demons & spirits, especially in the flames of a fire. Most of his friends agree. I've experienced supernatural occurances but none of them have ever been really frightening except my premonitions.


basically, so long as you're not feeding them negative energy (aka. being scared of them) they can't hurt you. there's only ever been one documented case of a spirit killing anyone & possession is almost always by demons.

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a lot of that in the beginning looked really fake. but then the poltergeist stuff or whatever where stuff was moving, that was pretty crazy, then again david copperfield made a plane disappear so this could go either way

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