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A couple quick tech questions


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Ok, I just purchased a '94 accord LX this last weekend. I don't have the user manual, and I can't seem to find the interior fusebox, I don't want to sit around and pull panels off of everything under the dashboard, anybody know where it is? I suspect a couple fuses are blown, and everything in the engine's fusebox is good. Second of all, my sunroof only opens a bit over halfway, I would like to remove it and clean out the tracks and hopefully clear whatever's blocking it, how do I go about doing so?


Thank you much.

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fuses boxes are usually on the left hand side under the drivers dash. the only panel that will just pull straight off is the fuse one, and it should have some sort of marking, or a spot to pull on.


not sure about taking apart the sunroof but if you buy a haynes manual for your car it has a step by step with pictures to do basically anything you could do to a car

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Take a picture of the open moonroof and post it. The glass does not disappear completely, but let us long-time owners decide if something is wrong with how "open" it is able to get.


Honda calls it a moonroof if it is made of glass (plastic) and a sunroof if it is metal.

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