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noob here! to make a long story short got a 91 lude si 5sp 4ws. blew the b21 didn't save the block :( or the head :( just swapped the jap b20 to the intake (as I heard the jap intakes are different possibly no EGR) ran fine. so I haven't been driving it for a while and just recently fixed a wheel bearing and some small issues and now I've been driving it again. well since it was previously regularyl driven it has this problem where somtimes it idles at like 2k for about 5 seconds and then returns to normal idle. the problem complicates in that as long as the car is rolling in nuetral the engine stays idleing at about 2k until the car comes to a stop at which point 5 or so seconds later it will return to correct idle. I've been through the intake manifold, cleaned and resealed everything, my only thought is maybe the IACV is there a way to test those or does anyone know the specifics of how they operate?

any help would be appreciated

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