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damn coilovers


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So i finally decided to stop being lazy this afternoon and raise the back of my car and put my fat fives on. thought it would be all fine and dandy and simple, thought to myself i have coilovers few turns of the wrenches im done...FUK THAT little do the companies tell you that after being at set height that the perches get stuck there from road debris...needless to say after 4 hours, 1.5 cans of pb blaster, .5 can wd40, and 2 bent up coilover wrenches im still riding on 14inch 2nd gen gsr's. i did at least break one side loose so i could raise it but the pass. side bottom perch wont budge. so this weekend its gettin the pipe wrench, and we'll go from there. if anyone has any ideas feel free to chime in.

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take the wrench down to a steel company they can usually make them out of 1/4" steel pretty cheap. i paid $15 for a place to make mine. all they did was copy the aluminum one that came with the coilovers, cut it out with a plasma cutter, and smoothed the edges out.



Edit: then atleast you can tape them with a hammer or put more weight on the nut to spin it.

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