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Hey I have a 93 del sol with a b18b1 engine swap. My buddy has a stock 92 or so civic hatch. He keeps up pretty good. I mean I still lbeat him by like 2 cars or so but I thought I would be faster then that. I do know that the del sol is heavier in weight but is there something i can do? I wouldnt mind like a 6 spd tranny if one will fit. I really dont know wat hondas come with 6spds besides the s2000 right? Im saying the tranny cuz shifting out of 2nd gear im at about 55 mph. He shifts into third at about 40. Let me know what I can do besides changing the gear ratios. Thanx Victor

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There is no 6 speed tranny that would bolt up to your B18. You could have one made but it would probably cost between 20-40k. A B16 tranny would make a big difference and an ITR tranny would be the best. ITR tranny has the same gearing as the B16 tranny, but a higher FD and LSD.

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