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So, guess what I just did?


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Sold both my Roma Red 1996 Honda Civic CX hatchback and my Cyclone Blue Metallic 1998 Honda Civic LX sedan this past week and got something a little different...




...nice teaser picture, no? Got to go to class, I will update later!

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loler @ selling civic that'll pwn that supra's ass till the supra makes about 700 at the rear wheels.




i've been looking into supra's lately. if i can get someone to buy my car so i can pay off the loan after i do the cam/headwork (which shouldn't be hard at all) i'm thinking about buying one that's relatively stock. they can be had for much lower than 30K if you know where to look.

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There is a Supra here making a few over 1,000whp. There is another one (been featured in a mag) thats making about 1,250whp. Then there are a bunch making anywhere from 300-800whp.


GTR R34 should be running soon (owners father is on Forbes 50 lol). She didn't spare anything on it.


My S2000 will smoke you.


Ask any racer, any real racer. It dont matter if u make 700hp or 900hp, its still an 11 second Supra.

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if he really did get it, you fags are all jealous. hell, id get rid of my STi for a damn supra. i love that car.


lol, not really. ~ $60k for an 11 year or older car? much better ways to spend money. :D

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eh not really. they are around like 30ish. but i do agree, they are overpriced. hence why i didnt try to get one before my STi :D


Close enough, lol. Nah, I remember Joey looked at a few before going with the S2k way back when. It's ridiculous what people are paying for them since MSRP new had to be $30-40k, considering the newest one is 10-11 years old now.

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he hasn't posted anything else i call bs


Rotfl yea it's called a life. Do you have one?


He's never bsed me about what he's purchased so..


And, yea. If you guys want cheaper, relatively stock Twinturbo Supra's ..come to Florida. SERIOUSLY. They can be had for UNDER 30K. LOL.


And to SSR - R O T F L, SIR.

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;) lol


If you don't put different rims on that car I'm going to drive up there and slap you with my penis.


Last Seen: 22 minutes ago


he was on, didn't post..i call bs until i see more pics.


if he does get more pics i can bs til i see a username in the pics.


rotfl@ this new guy no one knows talking sh*t.

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