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So my sol start when it wants to, and it seems as though it mainly doesnt start when it is hot and humid. After talking with my mechanic, he told me he wouldput money on it being my cap and rotor. Hearing this, i now have a reason to upgrade my ignition system as i will need to get a new cap and rotor. I began looking into what to get but i am unsure of what would be a decent set up that wont cost too much. I have heard many good things about msd but i dont know which parts to get. there are many different types of spark boxes, controlers and other components. does anyone have a good setup or does anyone have any recomenations? Any help will be much appreciated. This is for a 94 S that is pretty stock but i hdo plan to build up, hopefully turbo someday. thanks.

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hey i had that same problem but it turns out it was the main relay. what happens and this sucks cuz its only on del sol's....but when it gets really hot out the solder points on the main relay get soft then harden again so they dont always touch. All I had to do was remove the relay and the housing and re-solder the points on top and now it works fine. I live in TN and it gets pretty damn hot here and after i re-soldered it, she runs like a charm!


hope that helps


oh and the main relay is under the dash on the left side kind of by the clutch...if ur del sol is manual

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