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squealing distributor?

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heres one for the mechs... the video is irrelevant, i used my crappy digi cam to capture the audio mostly, the sound quality is terrible, so bear with me on it.


if you listen closely, over the sound of the valves, you can hear the distributor squealing. I am very certain that is the source because if I place my hand on it I can feel it vibrate, where I can place my hand on the VC and I do not feel that same vibration. It only does it when the car is entirely warmed up, and only when it is at low idle. Car otherwise is operating as normal. No other symptoms to note.



Any thoughts?

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well it just sounds like its rubbing on one of the connectors in there, ive heard it on my old probe lol, it had a lot more miles on it, but i replaced it all bc it was running like crap, but id open it and take a look at it, if anything its not real expensive to replace it

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Lucky for me I do have two spares in the garage. Since Honda distys were known for being a common failure point I have been pilfering them when ever I go to a junkyard. Just haven't had to replace one yet.

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holy sheet batman


I pulled that disty off and OH-MY-GOD, when i took off the cover the dust started pouring out of it. Apparently the bearings went and in the process ground themselves into a rusty dust along with the shaft they spun around. The rotor itself had a wobble in it of probably 1/8 of an inch. Can't believe the thing ran at all. It was so bound up I couldn't spin the rotor by hand to get to the screw. I had to put a set of pliers on it just to spin it around to take it off.


Problem fixed. I said earlier that I had been stealing distributors whenever I got the chance, well I had one that would work. It was from a 96 dx I think. The housing was the same, but the harness was different. The disty had the same wire assortment coming out of it though. So I cut off the harnesses and rewired them so they would plug into the del sol, mounted it up and she runs like a champ now.

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