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I don't mean to brag on the corvette

michael vtec

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Yeaaaap that'd be stock.


As Hung said, the C6 Z06 is craziness. Eight cylinders, domestic, runnin' with most Ferrari's/Lambo's..


Still no Koenigsegg, Bugatti or Enzo ..but still pretty damn quick. Either way, it can't be categorized with those cars.. it's too cheap LOL.


However for about three of four grand more you'll be beating the crap out of the aforementioned cars. At least at a circuit track, or quarter mile.

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road and track just did a thing with a race to 200 mph. they had a murcielago, mercedes slr mclaren, ruf ft 12, lingenfelter vette, bugatti veyron, and a hennessey viper. the vette was quick but started leaking oil so they could only do one pass. it was basically a competition between the viper and the veyron.


here is part of the article. i dont know if they have all of the results and stats online or just in the magazine

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I want an STS kit so bad.


I saw a video of a STS Turbo'd WS6 running right alongside a procharged base model C6 'Vette up through like three gears (which is 100ish in our cars) when the 'Vette started to walk away.


And I LOATHE how that model Viper sounds.

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I think that particular Viper genuinely sounded like that. Unless of course you know right off hand what engine it came from.


They re-did the engine in some way after '98 that like..changed the way out sounded or something..I'd have to do some googling.

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