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looking into getting a new car.

michael vtec

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Best year for the SI coupe is 2007. But...if you are looking for a used car or something cheaper, 99-00 si is a good base.



i've heard the new civics had a lot of recall's?


i was actually thinking about getting one. (2007)


but i have a choice right now of 3 cars, 2000 si, 98 lude(ive heard they had some problems) or a 2000 integra.

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I had 0 problems with my 99 prelude. Great car IMO. I wouldn't hesitate to get another if I had the cash.


My fav for the Si was the hatch years. That would be, umm, 2004 or something? Although the new sedan Si makes me drool too. But you guys should already know I have a soft spot for wagons/sedans - the boats.

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