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Got me some new tires put on the SI rims. 205/50/15's and they look a ton better than the meats I had before. Lighting sucked during the pictures so the car doesn't look that great, but oh well.









Also thinking about lowering the front down another inch or so, but I need to save up some scrilla for another alignment before I do that.

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thats funny hung , i just did the same thing , took my 17's off and went and got 205/55/15's for my stockers.(went with 55's for ride height so i dont scrape everywheres , lol). its like falling in love with your car again as far as ride goes. heres a couple of mine hung:





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Looks good cranny. I agree..the ride quality is awesome in comparison to the 17's.


Funny that you say that about the corners seb.james, cause I have a set of clear corners in the garage that used to be on the car. I just perfer the look of the ambers though.

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