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The New Car

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Diggin' it. Don't exactly think white wheels belong on a car that color but you got it that way so I can't fault you. I actually love the wheels independent of the car, though. What are they?


Hung, let's hope that the car had been sitting there before the puddle formed. That's more like a miniature lake. By the way, man, you're sig is awesome. I always forget how nice your teg looks.

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wheels would look better in gunmetal i think. something smaller and less obnoxious would do the trick too, but that takes some spare money.


I like the smokey headlights. they generally look sharp with the lower trim level hondas and the unpainted door moldings and such. if it was an ex model and everything was body colored the smoked headlights would look out of place.


The mirrors do look a bit out of place.

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