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Custom Built CRX Raffle for Military Charity

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are finally at a stage where we feel comfortable starting the Raffle for the CRX. As most of you know, we have been building this CRX for a while, and it is now at the final stages (Body/Paint) so let's get this Raffle going. Proceeds from this raffle are going to the T.A.P.S. Organization; which provides a wonderful support network for the surviving families of those who have died in service to America.


Please see some background information on their website here:




To be honest, I can not imagine a better charity at this point in my life than this!!!


NOW!!!! Let's get to the car!!!!

First and foremost, I need to recognize all the Vendors that have been involved with this:



Andy Hope, has been instrumental in helping pull this together. He has worked with me and several other vendors to get this car to the amazing stage that it is at today!!! He has also personally worked on getting tires and wheels donated!



HASPORT, more specifically Brian Gillespie, has also been tremendous in this effort. He has donated a significant amount of his time, and product in getting this car ready. He has rebuilt the Wiring harness from the disaster that it was in, he has provided all the mounts; including AC, shift linkage, and he is helping get this car setup at a California Show



Skunk2 has literally donated everything that the make for a CRX; from the Coilovers all the way up to Exhaust and Performance Intake Manifold.


Full-Race has donated their performance crossmember.


Lightning Motorsports has donated a Hybrid B16 AEM intake kit.


Fastbrakes has donated a full front and rear 11" Brake kit with Wilwood Calipers and stainless steel lines.


Moroso has donated their performance Oil Pan and pickup kit


Fluidyne has donated their performance Radiator and Oil Cooler.



Clutch Masters has donated their FX-300 kit


PasswordJDM has donated various lighting upgrades and shift bushing kit.



Viper has donated a full alarm system with misc. sensors to protect this amazing vehicle from theft.



And Last, but certainly not least, ARP has donated literally all the fasteners that they make for the CRX. So this beast wont fall apart as you are tearing up the streets.


***Additionally, we have had confirmations but no receipts from several other Vendors. As we receive additional components, we will update this post.***


Now, the final product should look something like this:


*Thanks to a fellow member for the reference shot*


So, for the raffle, we are going to follow the same process that Hasport did when the raffled off a vehicle last year....so here are the details:



1 ticket is $20

6 tickets are $100


Method of Payment:

Currently we have an account setup throuogh PayPal to accept funds. So please send all payments to CRX-RAFFLE@COMCAST.NET

If you do not have Paypal, and need other payment arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Information Needed with Payment:

Full Name


Contact Phone

Email address


You will receive in the mail, your raffle ticket stubs. Additionally, I will send you an email confirmation with the raffle ticket numbers so that you have confirmation as quickly as possible what your raffle numbers are. Once the car has been at the show, we will draw a single winning ticket out of the pile. I will then make a full post detailing who the winner was, and begin coordinating shipment of your new CRX!!!!


Finally, I want to thank all of the men and women sacrificing their lives; allowing all of us the freedoms that we have in this world. As a small token, Any tickets purchased by US Servicemen/women will be doubled!!!



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