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Radiator Fan not turning on all the time.

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ok, my car is now turbo, and overheating is now a problem in traffic as my fan is not turning on. i have no idea why. The relay is fine, no blown fuses, the fan works like a champ when i directly wire it, and i jumped the fan switch on the thurmostat housing with a wire thinking the switch may be bad and it still didnt turn on. now wtf is up with that.


does anyone have any ideas?

i am running a 9 5integra secondary fan as my only rad fan because its the only one that will fit, but the plug is the same and from time to tome it works. so....

i dont get it.



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I don't even had a modified car and my fan sensor just gave it up the other day. Rather then screw with it I'm just going to wire a toggle switch under the dash out of sight. Just leave it off and flip it on when you see that you are getting hot, or leave it on all the time and flip it off in colder weather so you get a little more heat.

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i think my connection of the fan to the harness is the problem. i was playing with the connection between the two and it just kinda came on, so i may just cut out the connector and solder the wires together.

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