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1988 Honda Prelude - Won't Start


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I've bought a stock 88 Prelude SI for $100. It turns over nicely but won't start...the previous owner indicated that the car suddenly stopped running on them, rather than slowly deteriorated. It had been sitting for about a year before I brought her home.


Confirmed that there is fuel to the rail, and that the fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump are both working properly.

So I start investigating spark. Pull a plug and ground it to the block but no spark. Replace coil to cap cable and still no spark. Test coil with Ohmmeter - good.


I now suspect the module, The local shop will test it for me... problem is I don't know how to distinguish the module from all the other electronic items under the hood (or is it in the cab? this is my first 'chip' car)


Can anyone tell me what it looks like or where I can find it? Or are there other items I should be checking.


Thanks in advance.

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if it's turning over fine but not firing it's probably the ignitor in the distributer, or the whole distributer. ignitor's a little box with like four wires hooked to it inside the dist. common issue for late 80 to mid 90s. you may want to peak through the oil fill whole while someone tries to start it just to make sure the valves are moving. if they're not the T-belt broke. good luck

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While the car is turning over tap on the silver box under the drivers side kick panel. There is also some fuses there, Tap on them too. My 88 Prelude did the same thing after it sat for a while. Now when it does it I just take my foot and tap it lightly while cranking it and it fires right up. Sounds stupid but it worked for me.

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