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Knock Sensor Connector Replacement


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I have a 99 Civic EX Coupe (AT) and have recently had to put a new motor in (Same as before D16Y8). When reinstalling the motor I noticed the knock sensor connector off the wiring harness was bent and from what my "check engine" light and code is saying that it is broke and not just bent... I was wondering if there is anyone know if I can purchase a sensor connector rather than having to buy a whole new harness and where I would be able to do so... Also how long is it safe to run this problem as is and what the consequences are if I do so... Thank you everyone for your time in this matter




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I want to thank those that have responded to this so far... It appears that is it actually my Knock Sensor its self... It looked like it was the connector because of the plastic half still being connected to the wire harness while the metal portion was connected to the motor block. It broke in two. So it is a Knock Sensor I will be needing also with rechecking eveything from the underside... I found out that I need a new half shaft on the driver side as well... the boot on the cv joint has a slit in it and has slung grease on the inside of my wheel... guess it back to the part store... Thanks again to all.




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