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what is ur kind of beer

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personaly i like corona, xx lager, budweiser [a little only] and i think it was called hollands best and last but never the less heineken.



so whats ur fav.



Pale Ale taste some real brew not pee water

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corona with lots of lime, sam adams summer ale, budweiser, dont remember what its called, but its a real good german beer. too bad they dont import it. the stuff my step-dad brews.


and ya know, if you take the smirnoff apple wine cooler thing, and mix it caramel, it tastes just like caramel apple pops.

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Blue Moon after a hard days work in the summer......mmmmmm


Micro Brewery, FTW


Anything other then domestic piss water. no bud, bl, miller, beast, .....whatever else tasteless crap the rest of the US lemmings have found to try and poison themselves with.

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Dos XX Amber with lime for me. I'll drink reg Dos XX and budlight too.



If we're switching past beer and going harder I'm all for jager and redbull. Some call them yager bombs others call them bull blasters....:thumbsup:

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