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Clutch problems! help!


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i drive a 1988 honda prelude. 3rd gen.


im not a master when it comes to transmisions or w/e. but my clutch is fracked up. it is a hydraulic clutch just so you know but i was driving down the road and all of a sudden the clutch pedel felt as it was losing resistance and giving more play everytime i would shift. and after about 20 shifts the clutch had no resitance at all. the clutch wouldnt disengage at all so i couldnt shift to another gear. i know the clutch isnt gone becuz even when it was losing resistance it would grab just fine.


someone help me with this. i dont feel like spending 100s of dollars on a simple fix....

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slave or master cylinder. check system for leaks , under hood , and at your feet.



yeah, ive called to a few shops and they said the exact thing. my bro also said it could be a hydraulic peice. i dont remember exactly what it was tho. but i was just making sure i knew exactly or had a good idea what was wrong before i paid to have it fixed. thanks man.

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quick horror story on my first pickup, promise itll be quick, a nutshell..


bought an old pickup, 89 isuzu, 2.6ltr, it was quick, 5 spd, went mudding, ruined clutch after a few times, had clutch replaced, 350 for kit, 1200 for labor. The retards couldnt get the slave cyl to quit bleeding




frackers. id shoot them now, considerin i could change it on my own. buttheadssss.

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