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Who hates me?


who hates me?  

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  1. 1. ??

    • I do
    • I dont
    • I love him long time
    • Who are you?
    • I like rainbows

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borat is fine, your opinions and thoughts are fine, but you nitpick minor sh!t like an old wife


next time you see a typo, stop, take a deep breath, let the crazies subside, then type something meaningful.

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This thread is just asking for attention, this post was pretty stupid in my opinion. It really shouldn't have been made. You should know that nobody hates you, you just have to step down. You are acting tough as crap, but have no room to.

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i hate you like nothing else.


lol nah kiddin man, love you to bits lol. if you think that you are being of an arse to people, then it surely means that other people may be thinking the same thing, so do something about it n stop nitpicking n chill man!

who doesnt like rainbows though?

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