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My Poor Rex!!


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So I was driving down south washington in Grand Forks today and got to DQ and no sooner looked down and BANG!!! I happened to rear end a grand prix... Not a good situation!! Here are some pics tell me what you think or if its easily fixable or not! I am alright i just smoked my head on the winshield so i cracked the hell out of that pretty good!! Other then that its been one crapty day! (there is a picture of the inside of the car and i had all the stock panels on it and everything) Nuts!!








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you mean you were driving without wearing your seat belt? idiot. :glare:


At least that god-awful hood is gone now.


Anyway, looks like you just need a radiator hacked in there to at least get back on the road. Find another crx, cut the whole front support off and have it welded onto yours. while you are at it steal thier hood and headlights too. I hear that ft mccoy has easy access to the staff vehicles, maybe you can find one there and hack the front off while some poor schmuck is on duty?

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it's fixable for about $600. new headlights, fenders, radiator support, radiator, and hood. after all that is put in she'll be good as new. i'll post up pictures of mine before and after when i get them

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Glad you are fixing it yourself and not trashing it or paying someone else to do all the work, but could you have taken worse pictures? My eyes hurt from looking at them.

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