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Hello , new to the forum and have some questions about CRX motor Swap


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Hello , my name is Tim and i just found this forum today and excited to be apart of it. Im just now getting into hondas fixing them up. i plan on having a 4- 5 car collection (3rd gen camaro,Delorean,FieroGT,CRX/and or prelude, and hopefully a 91-93 MR2.


my question is this, MY friend has a 1989 Honda CRX HF with a 1.5l motor and 5 speed transmission with about 170,000 miles for sale for 2,000 ( im his friend so he'll sell it to me for 1,000) it needs body work ie: rust on rear wheel well, right fender is off a civic,crappy fiberglass hood, and needs ground effects. i was wandering if this is a good deal for what im wanting to do which is this: find a 00+ Prelude VTEC engine and 5 speed tranny rebuild and modify both and drop them into the CRX: OR my friend told me about looking for an RSX engine and tranny to put in it. now im not a real wealthy guy, so what should i do:


buy my friends CRX and put either motor/trans combo in it


Buy a CRX already beefed up.


buy a good CRX to start with.


Or Just buy a Vtec Prelude to build.


And 1 quick question before i leave is this: if i choose to buy the CRX What all would i need to do to successfully swap either motor and transmission into the CRX like fuel lines, wiring ETC, ETC... ANY help is greatly appreciated, and looking forward talking to some more honda fans on here

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Since you considered an RSX engine in a CRX, it's obvious you want some kind of performance. You're not going to get much out of a Prelude. Pick up a CRX with a good body (if possible), and from there you will have a lot of choices as far as swaps go -- which are much cheaper and easier than a K20.

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since its an hf crx u dont have to wire extra injectors thats a plus. u can either put a vtec d series in. its a straight swap, zc is also direct swap. or ab series and u'll need mounts, axels, ecu, harness, most of which comes with the swap depending where u buy

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id go with your friends crx and fix the body and swap the engine....

usually everything you need comes with the swap and you would need mounts pending on what swap you want..

my friends swapped a b18a in his crx and it performs rather well...but if you want something fairly cheap id have to recommend a b16a2...you can look at diff swaps,prices, and what comes with the swap at any jdm site...heres one...

japanesestarmotor.com this site should answer some ?'s for you...

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