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1992 Accord dies on me


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I bought a 1992 Accord LX about a month ago and it has run great until last night. Now it will start up and run fine but after I drive a couple miles it just completley cuts out and stalls. I don't know what would be causing this but if anyone has any idea please help me out.


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Thanks for all the suggestions, I too thought that is was perhaps the fuel pump or the o2 sensor. I've already checked over the fuses and they're all good. I'll look into and let you know if I find out what it was.

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I agree with cranny.Igniter or the coil is going bad too .


How would an o2 sensor cause it to die ?


I can answer that- the catalytic is clogged on my 97 Civic. When the exhaust gets backed up in the cat, the o2 is reading an incorrect mixture, and the car starts to sputter, which if I'm not mistaken is contributed to by the ECU cutting fuel to make the o2 sensor read a leaner mixture. Check the cat for clogs if the o2 replacement doesn't help.

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