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The BEST JDM wheels...

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good choice.


love MF wheels.


my absolute favorite wheel is the black on red Garcia Tune Speed Choppys.


They're so hard to find, so I will have to wait until i find some.


the guy on the cover of hondatuning sold his and i missed my chance.




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choppys are always a favorite and i didnt know they came in black, so nice. i also like watanabe or panasports, and work leadsleds or equip 01's. old skool > all

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I still like the choppys... I really want them.. BAD!!!!!

I'm in the process of negotiating an EK 2 door. If I can get a good deal, I'm gonna strip it and rebuild the car... And I dream of those Choppys in my EK.

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These CPS-II are still available here in Indonesia.. Lots of them, but not with red anodized lip.

You'll be surprised that in many Asian countries, those rare JDM wheels are still plenty available brand new.. Nobody buys them here, coz they don't know the real value of those wheels. Lots of them dont even know what "JDM" means... Damn..!!!

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