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Tein SS or Megan Racing Coilovers?

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Omni is not the same as Tein. Made in the US. Different materials, better valving, you can choose your spring rates, warranty. Teins have crapty valving (most JDM suspension does as its made for Japanese tracks, which are extremely smooth unlike US tracks, this includes even the best stuff Mugen has), spring rates for JDM cars (JDM sets up their suspension entirely different than USDM), and Tein loves to rust.

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I am very impressed with my Omni Power coilovers, not to mention they were highly recommended. A lot of people, in the Honda world, run Omni Power. You like Function and Form? Pretty much the same thing. A few others are very similar to Omni Power, Tein is not one of them.


PIC I hear is amazing stuff, I want that next.


Tein is over rated. I always hear that it is way too stiff, even when on the hardest dampening.

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ok, now im just thinkin about goin with the koni's and a good spring, but what springs (NO NO NO sleeve coilovers, i refuse)? i want to be lower than i am now, i probably have about 1-1 1/2" of wheel gap front and rear, little more in the rear. im looking for a more agressive stance, but more importantly better handling. im thinkin just springs and not coilovers now because i won't change height anyways once it is where i want it)


also, info to consider, im currently running 17's but will be switching to 15's soon so whatever will be best with the future 15's (probably circuit 8's)

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