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Hids? Whats the diffrence when it comes to cost?

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I have priced Phillips and other brands plus the ones you see on ebay for about $200 including 2 bulbs and a ballast. But has anyone bought the cheap and wished they spent more cause it wasn't worth it? Or do the cheaper ones work just as good? I normally like to buy the nicer and more exspensive but that would be a hugh chunk out of the pocket for about $1000 worth of lights!

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just buy from someone offering warranty and that is reputable. how can you go wrong. keep this in mind unless you know , im not sure about 03 accords , but if your car uses an H4 bulb , you lose your high beams putting high intensity discharge lamps in. they are basically like miniature metal halide bulbs.

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The bulbs I have now are h1 and h3. Its a diffrent headlight assembly. But my main concern was the actual working part as in if the nicer ones put out more wattage but I guess it can't be much diffrence, 35Ws is 35Ws!

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