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F:S: GS-R swap, interior, black fiberglass hood

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i totaled my car and bought it back so im parting it out. here are a list of parts and prices. if you can think of anything else you need ask me about and ill let you know if i have it.





ok i just want the stuff i have left out of my house. full swap, black leather interior and black painted fiberglass hood 2500. take it. i have some other parts left, you can ask and ill see if i have it.



-engine, ecu, wireing harness, (no exhaust manifold) -1,800




-hatch, no anttena-150 pick up only


-tail lights-100


-piece under tail lights-25 pick up only


-fiberglass hood, black-300


-back qaurter glass -25 each


-exhaust from header back-greddy header-hiyami exhaust-500


-full interior everything inside of car, black leather seats, dash, door panels, headliner, all black pieces in car,(driver seat has small tear in back) -500


interior if sold seperatly


-dash-black-75 u pull -125 i pull


-seats front and back at set ONLY! -400


-headliner-two tears and 4small holes-25


-center console -perfect-30


-linkage for trans-20


-aftermrket blue reat swaybar-35


-tokiko lumina adjustale shocks and springs-200


-cross drilled rotors-50


-17"cr 1peice racing hart rims (may have tires)-500


-trunk spare tire-15


-box for two 12"s-50


-whale tail spoiler-100


-angel(halo) hadlights silver star bulbs-50


i may take trades if i can use it for my mkIII supra. we may be able to offer discounts for multi peice buys.



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He is.....THE GRAMMER (and spelling) POLICE!


Make sure to point out all of his grammar and spelling flaws too, he likes that.:ninja:


What I don't understand, is with a pretty face like tha, how could anyone even care or notice if your typing was off?

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i dont see a pretty face.


I am quite certain it is more pleasant to look at than yours or mine. Hell, anyones face is probably better then our two.

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vin pm'ed



the controle arms might not be any good, but if they are i already havea buyer but ill let you know if that falls through. the car slid side ways for a good while during the accident, ill have to check them. im stripping the car today.

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