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changing transmission fluid

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I got a 1996 Acura Integra GS-R 5 speed. I'm trying to change the transmission fluid, but i'm not sure how to do this. I got the service manual and it says for me to check the transmission fluid while the car is on ground level? I don't know how's that possible since I got to jack the car up to get to where the oil filler plug and drain plug underneath the passenger side.


Also the plug sit sideways and I'm not sure how to fill the transmission fluid.


Here's the instructions I'm reading. Can anyone help me out here. I'm also not sure what the size of the drain plug washer I'm supposed to change. Do I need those special funnels or something...I'm not sure what their called.



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Jack the car up and take the wheel off. Then with the wheel off. Lower the jack to the point where the car is level. Do the draining and filling from that level. You'll need one of he funnels that has a long tube on one end. Snake the tube through the engine bay and insert into the filler hole and fill from the top.


There's only two bolts. One is for the drain and one is for the filler. From start to finish


Jack up car

Remove passenger wheel

Lower jack until car looks level again

Get oil catch tub under car

Remove Filler bolt (top bolt - small amount of fluid may drain)

Remove the drain bolt (bottom bolt)

Drain all of the fluid

Tighten the drain bolt (I didn't bother with a new washer and had no problems)

Feed tube for filler through engine bay and into the filler hole

Add approximately 2.3 quarts of MTF

Tighten the filler bolt

Jack car back up

Install wheel

Lower car



Also Penzoil syncromesh is the same exact stuff as GM syncromesh for about half the price. Can be picked up at O'Relliey's.


Hope that helps.

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only thing id add is , when you pull the hose out of the fill hole , its gonna start puoring out right away , rapidly , lol. try and lose as little as possible , have the fill plug ready , haul it out and get the plug in asap.

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