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Complete full tune up w/repairs to stock 1992 civic


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Okay so heres the deal. I had needed a complete tune up for a decently long time now so I went ahead and did the following last weekend:


1. Spark Plugs

2. Spark plug wires

3. Fuel Filter

4. Distributor cap

5. Rotor(Couldnt install becuause the bolt was so f*cking tight to get off but w.e)

6. Air filter

7. Changed the oil(I usually do every 3-4k miles or so)


In addition to that I took my car to my friends work(he works at a shop) to get my car on the lift to check and see what kind of repairs I would need to get done bedcause as I said I could just tell that my car needed some repairs from the way that it drove(my brakes SUCK) My cars suspension seems to be really bad im not sure if its because my axels are messed up or what but hitting a bump in the road omg I feel it like crazy. So...IDK


So this is what im buying this week


1. 2 New rotors

2. New calipers w/pads

3. 2 new Drums

4. 2 New shoes


So thats it to complete the full brake replacement(so I think). Me and my friend are going to replace this stuff because its fairly easy to do(and he is a mechanic so). Now here are some of the other problems we both saw that need to be done.


I apparently need 2 new front axels because boot cv boots have broken...so heres the list of the more hassle repairs:


1. 2 new axels w/ boots

2. 1 Inner tie rod w/ boot

3. Muffler(I made a turn a little too early and clipped a curb and disconnected my muffler from the piping in a crappy place where I cant just weld it back together).


Now the above stuff with the axels and tie rods will be so much easier for my friend to do at his shop so im going to get it done there for labor $40 an hour(which is very nice compared to some mechanics)


Anything else guys? Once I am done all of this I would like to buy a new hood, and fenders and give my car a clean black/silver paint job. My friend before I owned the car hit a couple deer and now its all screwy but its okay because I dont really care about looks I just like the reliablility of civics. Im only 21 but I dont need to speed...thats what a great stereo is for! Let me know guys if you recommend anything...I know im going to have to get a new timing belt soon because I know the belt hasnt been changed since at LEAST 130k(when my friend bought the car) and its now at 199k so im assuming the belt was changed between 80k and 130k(the previous owner before my friend)


Let me know guys thanks!!! :thumbsup:

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If you didn't lower the car, then you should just replace the shocks.


Make sure and change the rotor regardless.


Like the other dude said, don't replace the calipers unless they are leaking. Same goes for the drums.

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