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I sooooooo want this car

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Yeah that thing is absolute sickness.


Hung, you should get yourself a Factory Five kit and build something like that of your own.




Edit: Or you should be a responsible parent and husband and not waste all your money on cars. But who wants to do that?

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yea. both good motors. I6 is the best platform for boost IMO. much easier and cheaper to get the 2jz though. and it will spool turbo's that much quicker because it has that much more displacement.


btw looks like hung just got threadjacked.

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Atom is pretty cool too, but this can be built/bought for an amount of money that's within reach of most people. When my wife graduates from school, I might start a couple year project for one of these. Would be a blast to drive and really rewarding to build yourself.

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atom is faster, has 300+ hp with a supercharged K20.


60k +- shipped including import taxes


kit car is fast, has 220 hp and can still be super/turbocharged to get more power with the money you'll save from buying the atom.

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the atom looks better to me but there is nothing to either of them. hell they could make different exterior kits depending on how you wanted it to look if they wanted. it wouldn't take a whole lot of material to make the car look like something else.

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