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Shop from maaco today and save hundreds! haha, you can get a crapty maaco paintjob that will chip off in the wind going 60 mph down the highway for 250 dollars.


but honestly


Depends on how nice you want your paintjob to look, how many coats. but please, dont let maaco paint your car. sure, they'll paint it, and everything else too. They dont tape off for crap. lol, which is why it costs nothing.

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no way to estimate that with the info you gave. You can do the Maaco ambassador paint job for $99 when it is on sale, or you can gave a pro shop do flawless work with a beautiful opalescent paint for $3000+ (and way up depending on the paint type and detail level)

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I've never understood these types of posts.


The only way you can find out is to get estimates from different bodyshops in your area. The prices will vary from shop to shop, sometimes by a thousand or more dollars. My dad got quotes from 2500 to 4000 to repaint his Del Sol last year.

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