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D15B7 Frankestein with D16Z6 Head What do I need??


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Hi, I own a 94 Civic DX 4-Door with the D15B7 I recently blew the Head Gasket and i think i warped the Head. It lost alot of coolant and runs like crap because my Thermostat Housing is damaged.

Im buyin a D16Z6 Head and i want to know what do i need to complete the Head Swap??

Do i need the D16Z6 Head Gasket Kit ??

D16Z6 Water Pump or can i use a D15B7 Water pump??

Do i have to use the D16Z6 Vtec Distributor ??

Or anything i need to have it running well?? !!!

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you need a P28(Si) ecu. the Z6 head and intake manny , distributor , Z6 head gasket , new timing belt. once you get the head off , youl see an oil jet in a hole in the middle of the block. use a bolt or screw to pull it out of the block. place your Z6 head gasket on , than head on , bolt it down. set your timing. throw your Z6 dizzy on. plug your P28 in. now youl need to wire vtec , heres the pinout:


obd1 honda civic


pin location , color , function , (notes)


A01 brown , injector 1

A02 yellow , injector 4

A03 red , injector 2

A04 orange/white , VTS(spool solenoid valve , Z1 and Z6 engines)

A05 light blue , injector 3

A06 orange/black , HTCNTL(heated oxygen sensor(heater wire) , B7 , Z6 engines)

A07 green/yellow , FLR1(power/main relay)

A08 green/yellow , FLR2(power/main relay)

A09 green/white , IACV

A10 not used

A11 orange/blue , ES(egr control solenoid valve , Z1 engine only)

A12 yellow/green , FANC(fan control)

A13 green/orange , WARN(check engine light)

A14 not used

A15 red/blue , ACC(ac compressor clutch relay)

A16 white/yellow or pink , ACGC(alternator)

A17 ATLSB(A/T solenoid , a/t only)

A18 not used

A19 ATLSA(A/T solenoid , a/t only)

A20 red , PGS(purge cut off solenoid valve)

A21 red/green , IGP1(ignitor)

A22 red/green , IGP2(ignitor)

A23 PG1(ground/main relay)

A24 PG2(ground/mainrelay)

A25 IGP1 yellow/black (power for sensors from main relay)

A26 LG1 (ground for ECU)


B01 IGP2 yellow/black(main power for sensors)

B02 LG2 (logic ground)

B03 ATD3(D3 indicator , a/t only)

B04 ATD4(D4 indicator , a/t only)

B05 blue/red , ACS(ac switch)

B06 empty

B07 CLSW(switched ground for M/T(clutch switch)) ; ATNP(park neutral indicator , a/t only)

B08 brown/red , PSW(power steering pressure sensor switch)

B09 white/blue , STS(starter signal/main relay)

B10 yellow/blue , VSS(speed sensor)

B11 CYP(cylinder sensor)

B12 CYLM(cylinder sensor)

B13 TDC(top dead center sensor)

B14 TDCM(top dead center sensor)

B15 CKP(crank position sensor)

B16 CKPM(crank position sensor)


D01 VBU - diagnostic trouble codes voltage(DTC)

D02 green/white , BKSW(brake pedal switch)

D03 LABEL(laf sensor , Z1 engine only)

D04 brown , SCS(service check connector)

D05 not used

D06 orange/blue , VTM(vtec oil pressure switch , for D16Z1 and D16Z6 engines)

D07 light blue , TXD/RXD(data link connector)

D08 VS+(laf sensor , Z1 engine only)

D09 white/yellow or pink , ACGF(alternator)

D10 green/red , ELD(eld unit)

D11 TPS - throttle position sensor

D12 white/black , EGRL(egr valve lift sensor, for D15Z1 only)

D13 red/white , TW(tw sensor , tied into data link connector)

D14 white , heated O2 sensor(signal wire)(for B7 , Z6 , Z1((IP+ also)), engines) ; O2(non heated , for B8)

D15 red/yellow , TA(intake air temp sensor)(ta sensor , tied into data link connector)

D16 orange/black , IP-,VS-(laf sensor , Z1 only)


D18 pink/green , SIL(shift up indicator , m/t) , white/red (interlock control unit , a/t)

D19 VCC1(map sensor voltage wire)

D20 TPS(voltage wire)

D21 SG1(map sensor ground)

D22 ground for IAT,ECT,TPS,and o2 sensors




the D06 spot needs to be pinned. run it through the firewall , goes to the vtec pressure switch , the second wire coming out of the pressure switch simply needs to go to ground.


the A04 spot needs to be pinned , run it through the firewall , goes to the vtec solenoid , one wire only.


thats about it dude , lol.

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