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New Shoes


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Picked these up off my friend for pretty cheap, I think they look baller with the red... 16 Inch Motegi MR7's I think, Wrapped in some nice Yokohama Avids...



I want to drop it and get rid of some of that wheel gap, But I think its a pretty clean look reguardless...



Check it out and lemme know what you guys think...









Now that I look at it, that molding missing is really starting to get to me... =(

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least favorite wheels of all time.


they should have been like 50 dollars.


Uhm... I guess I can thank you for being brutally honest



Thanks for all the feedback... The SIR Bumpers are sick? I don't think I've ever seen them...

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look on ICBmotorsport/jdmland


or check the ek section "show off your coupes" on JDMcivic.com


Why are you so f*cking critical about crap? Go to any of those places and post your car, bet you get flamed out the ass for 1) being high as f*ck and 2) rocking fake ass wheels. What makes your knock offs any better then Motegi?

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he asked for opinions.


i gave them.


i am critical because i like to be.


i posted pics of my car on there... search in the "show off your coupes" thread in the EK section. i got much better responses than i get here.


pictures of my car dont look like it does in real life.


i dont want to be on your bad side, because i think you're a cool guy but dont call me out after i give my opinion.

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Yeah, but you hate on a lot of peoples cars when a lot of people hate on yours; doesn't give you a lot of room to talk, in my opinion...


...I understand and respect the "to each their own," and I've heard you have reasons for your car being like it is, but so does everybody. Respect what they are doing or don't say crap at all, because theres always going to be something no liked by someone.

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