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installing new moonroof 2002 EX CIVIC 4 door


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I looking for any insight with installing a new moonroof.


4 DR sedan, 2002 Civic EX


The factory one got hit by a rock falling of a truck on the highway. BUMMER!


Anyway i picked up a complete assembly today at the junkyard, it includes glass, track and wiring. ($100)

(i priced out glass only from dealer... $540!!!, even windshield replacement places won't do it)


I'm hoping that it's a simple pop in and out just to do the glass swap. Something tells me I'll be having a body shop do it locally.


Any help here would be awesome. Thanks

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Just take out the headliner, unbolt and unplug the old one, bolt up and plug in the new one, put headliner back in.


Thanks Kegger. But, is it possible to just replace the glass only? I'd rather not get into to all that because the used one that I bought has cut wiring and tubing. I'm turned off by the idea of splicing wires so I'd like to do the glass alone.


Or do is it mandatory to remove the whole assembly ?

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you should just be able to remove the frame from around the glass and put in a new piece. But I've never done it so I'm not sure.


Ah ok. The whole assembly seems like permanantly attached to the glass. Arggh! They use some kind of rivet and only a few bolts to hold it all together though. No wonder they sold it to me as a whole unit...


Maybe I'll make headway on it over the weekend. Also, I could post pics of the assembly with moonroof glass if anyone is interested.


I hope that there is a point in the track that has a notch to allow glass removal. Else I'm stuck tearing the whole thing apart.


Later guys.

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piece of cake. close all the way , get in car , take screws out holding the cover on each side. than take the nuts off and shims out. than the glass will push right out of the roof from inside to out. have some help.

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