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high rpms???

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yea i have the B16A1 the jdm motor n i stop making power at about 8200 RPM but i have seen some d series motors put down some power by getting an ecu at of like a GSR n re flashing it for what they need but its a lil pricey n then u have a high risk of jus blowing the head gasket on ur motor so i agree swap it n then look for the high end power :thumbsup:

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I love SSR's response; it's priceless.


Red90Si: you will never receive any respect anywhere unless you learn to type in English and not n l33t yO!


Please pay attention to your elders and not the 7 post newbs when considering what things to do to your car.


You do not need to run your rpms that high to have a more powerful car.

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