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New del sol


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If anyone remembers, I had my del sol stolen about two months ago. Well I've finally saved up my pennies and am ready to get another. My original was a stock 1995 Del Sol Vtelc (b16a3), but I've had trouble finding another one. My plan was to get a S and swap the engine.


Couple of questions:


Suggestions about Dallas-area local (or not) importers or engine resellers?


I was planning on either getting another b16a3, or a b18 GS-R, or a b18 R, depending on prices ect. Any thoughts or suggestions about those swaps? My understanding from reading the internets is everything should bolt on easily, but that I will need new axles...thoughts?


How about prices? What should I expect to pay for a decent engine. I've seen b16 complete swaps for as low as 1200 online, but that makes me suspicious since I've seen them a lot higher other places.



Thanks for the input of your collective knowledge.

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Buy mine, $5000. Im only a few hours away. I bought my engine in abilene a few months ago. Usually for 1200 you will get an OBD0 longblock. For a del sol you need an OBD1 full swap. Enging, trans, ecu, mounts, axles, linkage and so on.



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Well I bought a '95 S, supposed to pick it up tonight. It's got 163k on the dash, but its obviously been well looked after. Despite that, I am planning on swapping this fall or winter (probably over Christmas break). So, I still need suggestions on where to buy a decent motor in the Dallas area or online. Anybody?

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