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d15b1??? what the hell is this thing

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Ok so I have have an 88 civic hatch with a d15b1 and i was wondering what the hell the little box on top of the intake manifold is and what it does, the intake attaches to it and i havent really looked into it too much but what i was wondering is if it is going to affect me turboing it or not because like i said i have no clue what it is..... so any help about this and anything else with this engine would be really helpful cause i am kinda new to the whole honda thing.

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D15B1 1.5 8V SOHC PGM-FI 1493 70hp@5500rpm 83tq@3000rpm '88-'?? Civic


you probably dont want to turbo that motor.

the rods are really small and would break like nothing


swap the motor first.. if you want sohc go with a d16z6 or d16y8

if you want dohc then go with like a ls swap (b18a1 or b18b1)

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Well i really sdont know too much about hondas but i just want to do something different i wanna stay non-vetc and turbo something that not very many people do anything to but if i wanted to saty with this motor then i take it i should get different rods i just wanna boost like 10 psi not too much lol just wanna beat a friends car for now hes runnin a 98 coupe with a b16 and thinks he is the crap so just wanna beat him with a non-vtec but i mean is there anything i can really do with this or do i pretty much have to swap it ?????? and even though its v-tec what do you think about a d15b jdm ???

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f*ck all that... you def. dont want the stock motor 1. the rods/ internals are weak.

2. its dpfi (2 injectors) 3. if you turbo this motor you will be at about the same horse as a d16z6 stock. 4. given number 3... your friend will still beat you hes pushin over 160hp.

if it was me and i didnt want vtec i would go with a b20 and turbo that crap.

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ZC LongBlocks work great Non-Vtec they have Cast blocks they went to Aluminum in the early 90's

Theyre good for Turbo so Far they handle about 6psi stock internals 8psi is pushing it a little.

you can use the D15B7 and get Suzuki Vitara Pistons Bore out your block to a 1.6L (BEST) or get a D16Z6 Block(OK)

The good thing of the Vitara pistons is that they have a Strong coating on the pistons that they almost act like Forged pistons they work good when there

heated. So far Rumors are that they handle 20PSI of boost with no problems

your also gonna need a Turbo camshaft that would work great theres some Stage 2 Turbo Cams for $249.99 on ebay with free shipping designed by


Me personally i would get a D15B7 Motor, Forged 1.5L internals, then your gonna need a OBD1 Conversion Harness.

Theres also a 1.6 DOHC motor from the 1987 Acura Integra the D16A1 i think.


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