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Cluster White Gauge Mod Gone Wrong - Help!


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Guys, I bought a nice white gauge kit for my 95 civic EX off Ebay. When I went to install it almost everything went smooth. I had trouble when it was time to get the white face on the Fuel & Temp portion of the cluster.


I got the thing on but the only way I could do it was by moving the fuel gauge needle. Now my fuel gauge always goes up to full and stays there. I tried to move it back down manually in hopes that the sending unit would somehow refind the proper fuel level but it still gets pegged over the full mark.


:crazy: Short of getting a new cluster is there anyway to fix this? Any reset procedure?

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Bump ^^


Anyone else every had this issue? All suggestions would be welcomed.

sounds like you broke it, maybe pulled off the needle to rough. stay away from the ricer gauges, theyre bad on the eyes. i suggest go to a junkyard and get another one or get the oem jdm cluster. they have a white face and lights up amber.

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no they have to be set. i hope you remeber how much fuel was in the tank. if you dont , wait for the fuel light to come on , than you know where the needle goes , lol. the cluster must be plugged in , and still have you get to the needles. so remove clear cover , and plug it in. remove the needle again , carefully , pull straight off. than turn key to on position. now push needle on where its supposed to point , either where you remeber the level being , or if you forgot , wait for fuel light to come on and empty , lol. there , fixed.

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Thanks alot for the feedback. This is a 95 so no fuel light but I will guestamate based on the trip counter (Thats how I kow how much fuel I have now).


When I installed it I never removed the needle and I guess that where i went wrong. Honestly I did not think you could even take the needles off.


Thanks again.

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somewhat like cranny said, but instead of draining your tank, why not just fill it up, more accurate, no guessing. Your gauge can be on e, below e, 1/16 a tank above e, best chance is probably to fill the tank, reset the needle, otherwise, id go get a new cluster from a junkyard and start all over, or just be happy with the stock cluster.

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