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corvette engine in a civic hatch

Rick B.

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very interesting. it is amusing how far back they had to push the dashboard to get it to fit.


they need a quieter exhaust to further enhance the sleeper look. with the current setup it would be like a funny car trying to be subtle when it pulls up beside you at the stop light. but oh it does sound wicked.

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Well, how far back the dashboard is was directly related to how the motor went in. He had a lot of room in the engine bay and could have moved it forward, instead of mounting it like an actual LS1 based car, since the wheel bases are about the same, but this allowed him to make the project a lot easier. He already has and had to do a lot of fabrication, this skips him having to fabricate a lot of the suspension and other stuff. He is using suspension, wheels, dash, and seats from the Corvette. The pedal assembly will work from the Corvette, the shifter, so it just cuts out a lot of headaches; instead of fabricating all that stuff to fit, he just has to relocate the seat. The guy seems pretty cool too, really down to earth. He's doing the project to keep his mind off his divorce.


I actually would have loved to see him run a quiet exhaust, maybe even a restricted exhaust, like stock. Most F-Bodies run 3" exhausts aftermarket, I was hoping he went with the headers, two catalytic converters, then after the catalytic converters step down to the stock exhaust size and weld in the OEM SLP Dual/Dual muffler and resonator, which is quiet, then just run dual cutouts at the headers. It looks and sounds nasty, the videos sort of changed my mind. I tried getting him to run 16" wheels, but the brakes won't allow it. =(

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I know why the dash is the way it is. I just commented that is was interesting.....all that typing of yours for no purpose.... :teehee:

Yeah, your post seemed like you knew what was happening, but I figured I would give everyone the run down who hasn't seen it.

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Everything we do is a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere.


And I'm pretty sure I remember reading in the thread he made about it that he did a lot of the work for around 1k, which included buying both cars. That was back in the thread someone else linked to a bit ago.

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