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strut bars or sway bays?

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ive been workin on my suspension as of late...got 3 outta 4 struts+shocks changed from stock to tokico hps with matrix coilovers. 4th is waiting for my blox rear lca's since the bolt seized. im tryin to reduce body roll and improve the handling more. whats better strut bars or sway bays?

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I don't have eather but frome what i've heard sway bars are the best. Strut bars just stiffin the frame. Sway bars help reduce body roll. Without them when you corner the inside of the car lifts up and the outside compreses. The sway bar conects the two struts so that when one side of the car is compresed it transfers the compresing force through the sway bar and compresses the inside strut which means less body roll.

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a sway bar connect the lower control arms to the frame. it acts like a torsion bar, the sway bar twists and then compresses the strut. the thicker the bar the less the sway bar will move. that in turn cancels out your body role. a strut tower brace not only stiffins the frame it also in turn lessens body role and chassis flex. the stiffer you chassis the better your cornering. so they are both good additions to your suspension.

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